Company Introduction

Cardinal Operations is a unique big-data decision company in China. Founded by four Stanford PhDs, and with a team of world-class decision making experts and data scientists, Cardinal Operations aims at using big data to provide solutions for firms under complex decision scenarios. Different from many other “big data” companies, we try to close the loop in the decision chain in the era of big data — from data collection, pattern analysis, all the way to the final decision. Particularly, with the decision making experts and algorithms, we fill the gap between data analysis results and actionable decisions, making use of data to create value for companies.

  • Dr. Xiaoqu Luo, CEO

    Ph.D. from Stanford GSB, Member of Global Experts of Beijing, Former VP of

  • Dr. Dongdong Ge, Chief Scientist

    Ph.D. in MS&E, Stanford University, Professor Dean, Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

  • Dr. Zizhuo Wang, CTO

    Ph.D. in MS&E, Stanford University, M.S. in Math-Finance, Stanford University Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota.

  • Dr. Xi Wang, CPO

    Ph.D. in MS&E, Stanford University, Former Head of Business Analytics at Google.


Data-Driven Optimal Decision